Mona, The Smart Baby Monitor and the IoT Threats

Meet Mona, the baby monitor.

Mona only has eyes for your baby! She has an Internet connection, so she can send you live video wherever you are.

You see a clear, sharp picture, in high definition.

Even at night! You can talk to your baby, play her a nice lullaby, or put on a colorful light show.

Mona really cares.

But, because she’s connected to the Internet, Mona can be hacked and turned into a zombie device.

Zombie Mona doesn’t care about anyone.

All she cares about is opening your home to cyber attacks.

You may think it’s no big deal, but when your home network gets compromised your privacy is virtually gone.

Hackers can access your email accounts and personal files, steal your passwords and credit card numbers, or intercept your webcam.

It’s not personal.

One hacker can target thousands of Monas anywhere in the world, at the same time.

One Hacker, an army of Monas.

It’s not Mona’s fault.

She’s just a baby monitor.

Not a security expert.

That’s where Bitdefender BOX comes in.

Your very own cyber-security expert.

Bitdefender BOX detects any vulnerability in your home network, and blocks all threats before they can reach your Internet-connected devices.

Bitdefender BOX protects your smart TV, smart locks, IP cameras, your smartphone, laptop, and computer.

And Mona.

Please keep Mona safe.

Get Bitdefender BOX.

Smart security for all your connected devices.

Source: Youtube