Im Studying My Sleep With the Zeo

If you are a mom, which I know most of you are, then youve experienced a night of little or no sleep.  Youve probably also experienced one of those nights where you thought you slept like a log only to drag around the following day in a daze.  This can be quite frustrating and irritating at times and when your surroundings (ie children) interrupt your sleep, it can cause stress, exhaustion, irritation and ultimately cause health issues.

Sleep is so important!

I was given the opportunity to review a sleep machine called the Zeo which has filled me in on whats really going on when Im sleeping.

My eyes are wide open!

I couldnt believe my eyes when I found out that when I am sleeping, I am waking up an average of 8 times a night!  I also couldnt believe that some of the nights I woke up the most, the next day I felt better than on the nights I woke up less.  Go figure!

I have changed my sleep routine.

After learning a few things about myself while Im sleeping, I have changed a few things about my bedtime routine.  The first thing I have changed is I no longer have a caffeinated beverage past 3pm.  Yesterday, 3 pm was rolling around and I felt totally exhausted.  So, since it wasnt 3 pm yet, I indulged in a cappuccino and a couple of Oreos.  It didnt affect my sleep and I was able to enjoy the rest of my evening without uttering the words, Im sleepy.

Then, I have been setting the timer on the tv to go off after 30 minutes or I just turn the tv off completely.  I have been falling asleep within minutes of placing the Zeo on my head and putting my head on the pillow.

My biggest challenge is the interruptions.

My kids are the culprit.  Every night like clockwork my 16 month old wakes up and every night I have to get up, pick her up out of her bed and then hold her till she falls back to sleep.  Then,  I either put her back into her bed or let her fall asleep in my bed out of my laziness and selfishness of wanting to get some much needed sleep.  I think if she would stay asleep and I had a mattress that was comfortable and not ancient, I might have a better night of sleep and actually feel energized when I wake up in the morning.  I might also be able to function throughout an entire day without relying on a cup of coffee to keep me out of the fog.

Im really enjoying the Zeo because Im learning more about me and finding out why I function the way I do and what factors are interfering with how I feel throughout the day.  Now that I know more about whats going while Im sleeping, I can make the necessary adjustments to my time awake in hopes that it improves my overall well being.

Disclosure: A Zeo sleep machine was provided to me for review.  The opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone and are not influenced in any way by anyone.