Dont Knock the Mommy Blogger

The thing that some people dont realize about Mommy Bloggers is that our blogging has been a platform for so much more and that many of us have been so aggressive in branding ourselves because we found a way to make money.  This money we are making, in some instances, has helped us to contribute to or even solely support our families.  We might have started out as a blogger, but are now using multiple forms of social media to our advantage.

For me, there was no way I could go out of the house to find a job.  I have 3 little girls, (one baby, one toddler and one about to start kindergarten)  times were getting tough and the online boutique I was running was costing more to run than worth running, so I turned to blogging and gave up the online boutique.  I thought that it was better for me, since I had to stay at home with my children anyway, to not have money going out, but to feel the support by other mothers that were at home with there children as well.  At the same time I had already used the Twitter handle that was associated with my website, so people knew me as @theappleofmyeye.  I had branded myself, so even after the boutique closed, I kept the handle.  I ended up turning into a brand page housing all of my social media outlets.

So, I was on Twitter making all kinds of really great mommy blogger friends and doing product reviews.  I would contact companies to do reviews of products that I needed and then do the review.  Doing this helped our family during a time when every penny counted and feeding my family was my first priority.  Then things evolved and other forms of social media started to emerge, like the popular location based iPhone app Whrrl.

Whrrl made me money.  Not a ton, but by creatively using the iPhone app companies, large and local, have paid me and it has kept us afloat.  Then companies started contracting me out for various projects.  If I hadnt branded myself, tweeted, facebooked, gone to conferences (which have been completely sponsored), I would have not had the opportunity to contribute to my families income which has kept us afloat the past year.

All I can say is, Dont knock the mommy blogger that is trying to brand herself because she might also be trying to keep food on the table and bills payed on time for her family who might be struggling to make ends meet