5 Mommy Bloggers To Watch

Is it really worth it to take a trip to see some companies back room, get a bag of the companies promotional items, stay in a hotel and be fed?  Is it worth your time, your husbands time off work, the babysitting fees or the other added expenses to feel cool because some companies PR firm noticed your blog?  I dont think so!

I am 2000% so happy that I found Collective Bias.

Before I met Collective Bias I was like any other blogger.  I got free stuff with the company hoping that I would write a review.  It was pretty exciting, at first, and then the excitement started to fizzle once I realized all the time I was spending reviewing and writing. When the companies started hounding me on when they would see my review, it felt like I was an employee, but I wasnt because there was no money involved.

Then, I met Collective Bias and found out my time was worth more than free stuff and my opinion actually counted for something.  I started making money when participating in campaigns.  I made money for my time, ideas and participation.  Yes, I may have gotten the traditional badge, but along with the cool badge of honor came money for participation not a mug, some coupons or a t-shirt like this article suggests companies give to bloggers (influencers).

Then, I made even more money running the campaigns.  Again, I wasnt given a measly $20 product for my time.  I was making enough to make the car payment that month or enough to help out with the house payment.

My time spent online was finally worth something

I was actually making money, not from my blog, but because I was a blogger that had a following and a reach.  Collective Bias realized my potential and then instead of using me, by sending me on a trip to some companies headquarters that could then be written off and then slapping me on the back with some promotional materials like this article suggests, my time is compensated.

I am happy and my family is happy and in the end, that is what matters.